New Dating Site LoveFlutter Filters Out “Boring Types” By Setting Entrance Test

love flutter

LoveFlutter is a new dating site exclusively for interesting people – aiming to filter out “boring types” by setting an entrance test before you join.

Created by London-based Daigo Smith and David Standen, users must take the “Quirky-Interesting Test” before they can join the site, which then matches members based on similar interests.

The 10 question test was created by Dr Simon Moore of the British Psychological Society, with each answer giving you a certain number of points – 3 for most interesting and 1 for least interesting.

You then get a score out of 100, and if it is below 65, you are rejected.

If you pass however, you can create “a profile full of your loves and likes” and the site matches you with people nearby who enjoy the same music, films and books etc.


For this it uses Freebase, an online “database of the world’s knowledge” which has over 40 million entries, that was bought by Google.

Freebase forms part of Google’s Knowledge Graph, which powers LoveFlutter – giving the site a more powerful and nuanced interest-matching system.


But it is their entrance test that has provoked the biggest reaction, which might just be what it was intended for.

Here are the questions for the “Quirky-Interesting Test”:

1. How many times have you traveled outside of your own country in the last six months?
a) 3 or more
b) Once or twice
c) Never

2. Have you completed or would you consider a bungee or parachute jump?
a) No
b) Maybe
c) Yes

3. If you were in a band (and could sing and play guitar), which role would you take?
a) Lead singer
b) Guitarist
c) Backing vocalist

4. For your most recent status update or tweet, how many people liked, commented or retweeted it?
a) None
b) 1 or 2
c) 3 or more

5. Would you go to the cinema alone to watch a movie?
a) Yes
b) Maybe
c) No

6. How many books have you read in the last six months?
a) 3 or more
b) 1 or 2
c) None

7. How many music gigs have you been to in the last six months?
a) None
b) 1 or 2
c) 3 or more

8. After a hard day at work, what would you rather watch on TV?
a) Documentary
b) Comedy series
c) Reality show

9. How many different sports have you played in the last six months?
a) None
b) 1 or 2
c) 3 or more

10. How many languages can you speak?
a) 3 or more
b) 2
c) 1 (but very well)